Fox Valley Quality Control Lab

Where Quality Comes First.

Located in the heart of Fox Valley, our lab specializes in milk and water lab testing for patrons across the Midwest. We are dedicated to quality service, backed by efficient testing and accurate results. Our new lab location is conveniently located just a few miles off of highway 41 in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, making it easily accessible for sample drop-offs.

For a complete list of the services we offer and tests we perform, please click here. All tests are performed by state-certified lab analysts in our state-certified laboratory.

Log-In Information for Individual Patrons and Plants is located at the top right of this webpage. Information is updated on a regular basis, with milk bacteria, components and somatic cell test results updated and posted daily.

Individual farm results may be accessed directly through Since test results are posted on our website daily, clients and patrons are able to easily view the most up-to-date information.

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